My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode

My Shelf: My Choice, My Episode: Your story begins here! Wanna enjoy living on campus with amazing friends? Wanna find love with the mysteriously luring vampire? The choice is yours! The wiser your choice is, the more interesting your story gets. You can never put your phone down as these weekly-added stories make you insatiable! … Read more

Law of Creation: LoC A Playable Manga

Law of Creation: LoC A Playable Manga: Popular manga game among Asia now available worldwide! At that moment, mankind's place in the food chain would be forever changed. No longer was he the custodian of the Earth, but a food source for a new strain of zombie mutations. Yagita, saved from becoming zombie grub by … Read more

Trap Adventure 2: Prepare to Die Edition

Trap Adventure 2: Prepare to Die Edition: Trap Adventure is an addictive platform game for hardcore gamers. There are hundreds of traps carefully placed in every part of the game Trap Adventure.You must force your mind to pass the chapters. The controls are very smooth and fluid. Jump high and try to avoid spikes. Spikes … Read more

SNES Super Mari World – Story Board and Guide

SNES Super Mari World – Story Board and Guide: This is Super Mari World – SNES Version FEATURES : * Classic Game * Story Board * Guide control * Save and Load * Customize Controller SNES Super Mari World – Story Board and Guide Apk: To Download the SNES Super Mari World – Story Board … Read more


CatFish: Hey! What's up? You look like you could use a little chill out time, and what better way to chill than fishing side by side with cute and funny cats, you know… because cats love fish, right? But watch out, fishing isn't always as relaxing as you might think. These things can really put … Read more

Exploration Block : Zombie Craft

Exploration Block : Zombie Craft: Exploration Block : Zombie Craft is a free 3D exploration game taking place in an infinite world made of blocks and cubes. Exploration is waiting you with multiple craft and build. In this open world, exploration, survive, build and craft your own aventure ! 2 modes are available : -Creative … Read more

super sonic games run jump subway dash free

super sonic games run jump subway dash free: super sonic games dash and fast game, Subway super Sonic Surf Run 3d, this is a surfer run as fast as possible! super sonic games hedgehog is an incredible free game running on the subway for the rider . Run along the supersonic subway from chaos traffic … Read more

Vampire Craft: Dead Soul of Night. Crafting Games

Vampire Craft: Dead Soul of Night. Crafting Games: Travel to dark age times – medieval Transilvania awaits for fans of crafting & building games! Become a vampire lord or vampire mistress, build your own castle from blocks and satisfy your hunger of blood in an epic, never-ending quest for survival. Only in Vampire Craft – … Read more

Winter Craft Exploration

Winter Craft Exploration: Welcome to Winter Craft Exploration, a fun new building and breaking game! Winter Craft Exploration is full of fun features, with unlimited blocks to build and an infinite holiday themed winter map for exploration! Features : – Unlimited building and breaking – No need for crafting, infinite building blocks at your disposal … Read more

Animal Sniper Deer Hunting

Animal Sniper Deer Hunting: In this jungle, in order to survive, you have to overcome hunger, so hunting deer or other animal is the only way to live! Animal Sniper Deer Hunting is the most popular first person shooter on Android this year! Although it is not a battlefield here, but cruel as much as … Read more