Vampire Craft: Dead Soul of Night. Crafting Games

Vampire Craft: Dead Soul of Night. Crafting Games: Travel to dark age times – medieval Transilvania awaits for fans of crafting & building games! Become a vampire lord or vampire mistress, build your own castle from blocks and satisfy your hunger of blood in an epic, never-ending quest for survival. Only in Vampire Craft – … Read more

Winter Craft Exploration

Winter Craft Exploration: Welcome to Winter Craft Exploration, a fun new building and breaking game! Winter Craft Exploration is full of fun features, with unlimited blocks to build and an infinite holiday themed winter map for exploration! Features : – Unlimited building and breaking – No need for crafting, infinite building blocks at your disposal … Read more

Animal Sniper Deer Hunting

Animal Sniper Deer Hunting: In this jungle, in order to survive, you have to overcome hunger, so hunting deer or other animal is the only way to live! Animal Sniper Deer Hunting is the most popular first person shooter on Android this year! Although it is not a battlefield here, but cruel as much as … Read more

Flying Rope Guy

Flying Rope Guy: Welcome to the new rope flying adventure in town. Rope flying city hero the young flying guy with some simple hobbies like web-running, swing and fight through the different city town environments. the rope guy is like fly and swing from one building to other building with using his rope. Use manly … Read more

Light a Way

Light a Way: ★ Over 500,000 Pre-registers before Global Release! ★ —————————————— Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you, the Guardian. Gifted with the magical Staff of Flare, you must set on a … Read more

The X-Files: Deep State

The X-Files: Deep State: The Truth Is Out There – do you have what it takes to find it? Delve into the unknown, investigate mysterious cases of the paranormal and unravel an international conspiracy in a thrilling, story-driven hidden object X-Files adventure game. Welcome to The X-Files, Special Agent. The following intel is classified Top … Read more

Banana Minion Rush Legends : Adventure 3D

Banana Minion Rush Legends : Adventure 3D: Banana Minion Rush Legends: Adventure 3D rush-Bad Boy Minion and Mower Minion: Best game 3D ever for 2018. With the Yellow minion, the best Boss Ever in the world 2018, with this hero, you can attack the evil minions and save the minions. thanks to mower minion and … Read more

Kick Buddy

Kick Buddy: Start New adventure with kick the thrr buddy stickeman , where time and space intersect. it's an inspirational game to a new Smash Dude world based on ancient buddyman secrets to find the way to freedom stickeman! fight and explore strange worlds! to increase your style of play! kick the buddyman game is … Read more

Exploration Builder

Exploration Builder: Exploration game where you are trying to survive in open world. In the game you will find unique unexplored worlds, different locations and a lot of adventures. Kill monsters with your crafted sword and armor mine resources in the world around you. New design Single player You can build and extract resources, make … Read more

Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2: Trap Adventure 2 is an addictive platform game for hardcore gamers. There are hundreds of traps carefully placed in every part of the game Trap Adventure 2 Jump high and try to avoid spikes. Spikes will kill you. They will. Always. TrapAdventure is all about traps. And hardest adventure. You jump jump … Read more