HEIR OF LIGHT: A Dark Fantasy, Collectible RPG Darkness has overtaken the realm, and the world is in chaos. The only hope to restore light and order lies with you, an Heir of Light. Embark on a crusade to renew a hope that has been lost for generations. Ready your weapon and journey to restore … Read more

Lol Surprise Game Ball Pop

Lol Surprise Game Ball Pop: Surprise yourself with lol dolls and big lol surprise. Endless surprises will not leave anyone indifferent. Scratch, break and unlock lol dolls! Complete a lol dolls series 1,2 and 3 to get awesome gifts. Newly added bedrooms for your lol dolls are a great addition to collect amazing surprise lol … Read more

The Survival Hungry Games

The Survival Hungry Games: The fate of the block world rests in the hands of a small but elite band of rebels in The Survival Hungry Games 2. As their leader, you have called the shots and mapped out the plans that will crush the government officials who have turned the human race into a … Read more

Blade Crafter

Blade Crafter: Are you bored? Craft the Legendary Blade right now! Your weapon will move around and fight on its own, as if it's alive. Are you worried that the game might be too complicated? Don't worry! Blade Crafter is a simple, automatic game that doesn't need any tutorials. Blade Crafter uses a dynamic combat … Read more

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao is now available on mobile platforms around the world! Come play the timeless SRPG classic! ———————————————————————————– ■ The strategic tour de force ""The Legend of Cao Cao,"" remastered for mobile. ———————————————————————————– – Join Cao Cao in his legendary quest to dominate … Read more

Babysitter First Day Mania – Baby Care Crazy Time

Babysitter First Day Mania – Baby Care Crazy Time: You’re gonna LOVE this babysitting kids game! Get ready for some babysitter madness, with newborn baby cuties and baby twins. First days are hectic! Baby care takes a lot of work! Let’s hope these adorable babies like you! You’ll have such a blast babysitting. Feed them, … Read more

Girlfriends Guide to Breakup – Full Collection 1

Girlfriends Guide to Breakup – Full Collection 1: Is there always a cheerleader living in every boy’s heart? Lisa’s cheating boyfriend Jack has a crush on a cheerleader. What should Lisa do? Tears all day? Advice from Lisa’s BFFs: GO DUMP HIM! You will see how Lisa’s gonna get over with the jerk and move … Read more

Mermaid Secrets8-Love Battle for Princess Mermaid

Mermaid Secrets8-Love Battle for Princess Mermaid: Mermaid Princess Games for Girls! Who is the mystery kidnapper? Help mermaid Mia and high school boy Eric to find out the truth. Collect all evidence and find out who is behind. Oh my god! I can't believe he is the kidnapper. Can he be any worse? Through your … Read more

Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening

Heat the Soul: Spiritual Awakening: "Jump into the brand new action game based on the mega-hit manga and anime. Build you team choosing your favorite characters and become the best Shinigami in soul society! 100% REPROUDCE ORGIGNAL WORK 100% reproduce your favorite characters, weapons, skills, musics and scenes from manga. Exciting Action in Gameplay Epic … Read more

Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners: Grand Summoners is a high quality pixel RPG featuring thrilling battles and intuitive controls! Join now and your first Summon is guaranteed to be a Rare Evolution Unit! – Story – This is a story of memories and bonds. Raktehelm, a land where Gods and Demons once fought for supremacy. Hundreds of years … Read more