How to use Nova Launcher like a Pro

Bored of seeing your native Home screen every time you unlock your phone? If you answered that question with a disappointing sigh, then you’re ought to give Nova Launcher a shot. This fascinating launcher comes with a bunch of personalization features, allowing you the freedom of customizing your Android device endlessly.

A phone with a completely new interface seems captivating and will surely make you popular among your peers. This is the reason why it has been a willful choice for a majority of Android users across the globe. However, it’s important that you become familiar with its prominent features to use it like a pro. So let’s get started!

Of course, to get started, you’ll need to download Nova Launcher from Play Store. Now here comes a tough decision i.e. choosing between Nova Launcher (the free version) and Nova Launcher Prime (the paid one). Though we recommend using Nova Launcher Prime for one simple reason — versatility. So, go ahead and make your choice. Once you download the launcher, set it as your default launcher on your smartphone and follow the steps given below:

Go Dark: Android Apps with dark mode support to help you save battery life

Android Q will introduce a system-wide dark theme that will help users save more battery juice and use their phones for longer periods on a single charge. To ensure that they fall on the right side of the divide when the OS begins rolling out, developers have been busy implementing the dark mode feature to their apps, but not all of your favorite apps have gotten it thus far.

In this post, we have put together popular stock and third-party Android apps that have already received a dark mode that can be enabled/disabled whenever the user feels like. As you may have noticed, some OEMs are also going dark with their custom skins, among them Samsung and OnePlus.

How to improve battery life of your Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, are arguably the company’s most refined smartphones yet. Elegant on the outside and beautiful on the inside, the Note 10 line-up is bound to turn heads. Apart from being as feature-rich as possible, the smartphones also pack impressive battery — 3500 mAh and 4300 mAh in Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, respectively. So, if you’re not a super heavy user, both Note 10 devices should last through the day.

However, if you’re not content with your Note 10’s battery life and want to squeeze out a few extra minutes of Screen-on time, we might know how to help.

Top 16 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tips and tricks you must know

The new Note 10 siblings for 2019, the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, have hit the shelves and are getting fairly positive feedback, so far. Sure, the devices burn a hole in your pocket, but Samsung has left no stone unturned to make sure you get the absolute best of Android. If you happen to be a proud owner of either of the devices, you probably already know what to expect. However, if you are still looking for ways to take your Note experience a couple of notches higher, we have a set of tips that might help you in that regard.

Best Wireless Speakers with long battery life

Music is certainly an integral part of our lives and a good portable speaker is an essential device that most of us cannot do without for this very reason. From performance to playtime, there are a lot of aspects that you can specifically look for in a portable speaker and chances are that the options might overwhelm you.

A speaker with a good battery backup is essential if you’re throwing a massive bash or if you’re traveling to places where recharging the speaker may not be easy. Sometimes, it’s also because you don’t want to go through the process of recharging a speaker every single day. But in the process, it is important to get a speaker that is reliable too, especially the sound quality and hardware.

14 Best Brain Training Games on Android in 2019

One of the major benefits of owning a Smartphone is that one has access to a plethora of games and apps that you can use to develop your mind and improve mental performance. Brain training games are a great way to do this.

Considering the very stressful times that we are living in, the fact that such cool and effective apps are available in the palm of our hands is truly major.

10 Best Text Games on Android

Not everyone is a fan of fast-paced games that are high on Graphics. Some may want to get engaged in text games that are way more fun to read and still enjoy the fascinating adventure of playing a variety of games with a story plot.

These text quests are so much fun to kill some free time and be the decider of what happens next in the game. Try out the best text games that will definitely not leave you disappointed.

14 Best Stress Relief Android apps

Being one of the major driving force behind all our negative actions, stress can be tricky to handle at times. The evolution of stress triggering factors has always prevailed and will continue to exist in our lives. Then how can one lead a stress-free life?

While it sounds to be an unachievable task to be happy but it is definitely possible to live a stressfree life through constant efforts and practice. To be your companion in this journey, the Play Store offers some immensely supportive apps to shoo away stress from your life.

The 9 Best Habit Tracking apps on Android

Our lives kinda revolve around our habits and how we perceive them along with our tasks and everyday routine. Often we fail to keep an account of the habits we develop and their impact on our growth.

But not anymore, there are some majorly helpful habit tracking apps that not only allow you to track habits but get rid of the ones that consume your energy and shift focus on your ultimate goals.